FortuneJack introduces Monero

Now FortuneJack supports five different cryptocurrencies
Written by Michael Stapleton - 09/08/2017

FortuneJack has always stood above the pack by offering crypto gambling in multiple currencies. It’s obvious they’re keeping the foot on the gas pedal, as they just added a new coin to gamble with – Monero. By adding Monero, FortuneJack has become the very first online casino to accept Monero in online casino gaming.

What is Monero?

If you aren’t yet familiar with Monero (trading under XMR), it’s an open-source cryptocurrency built on CryptoNote protocol that obfuscates transactions. So, when compared to Bitcoin, Monero takes anonymous transactions to another level. With Bitcoin transactions can be quite easily traced, but with Monero the tracing becomes a lot harder.

Monero enjoyed a massive surge in value in 2016. Last year, the market cap of Monero skyrocketed from a measly five million dollars to $180 million. Nowadays it’s knocking on the door of top 10 coins in the crypto market with a massive $800 million market cap. That’s a modest 160x gain from early 2016.

FortuneJack delivers the best Monero gambling

FortuneJack brings every casino game imaginable to the table. Naturally, you’ll find provably fair slots and table games such as roulette and blackjack from the smorgasbord. One game, in particular, stands above the pack, and that’s Satoshi Secret. We don’t have to educate you on what that title refers to, now do we? Line up your Satoshi’s.

Slots, roulette and blackjack are the three most popular games at FortuneJack, but they have something that a lot of other casinos don’t – dice games. Dice complete the 360° online casino experience you’ll find at FortuneJack. And it’s completely anonymous.

You’re also getting a 500 mBTC bonus when you sign-up, so there’s little reason to wait. Oh… and you can gamble in Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Doge and Dash as well.

Click below and start gambling in Monero now.

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