Hit the NCAA Bracket and Win 50BTC

March Madness is Here!
Written by Michael Stapleton - 14/03/2018

In the United States, college basketball is huge, and nothing is bigger than March Madness. In March Madness, 64 teams compete for the National Title and the US have a tradition of filling out a bracket to guess the correct winner of each game.

Now Betcoin is joining the party, and putting up 50 BTC for a perfect bracket! On top of 50 BTC, they’re having a bracket tournament where the Betcoin guarantees 250 mBTC to the prize pool. The entry costs only one chip (1 mBTC), and you can fill up to ten brackets.

How Can I Join the Betcoin Bracket Contest?

March Madness starts on Thursday at 17.15 CET. You’ll have until 17 CET (10 ET) to fill out your bracket(s), which you’ll be doing on Yahoo’s Bracket contest platform.

1. After filling out your bracket on Yahoo, make the bracket name same as your Betcoin username. If you create more than one bracket, name it “Betcoin Username” and # of the bracket. For example BracketMan2.

2. Drop a comment at Betcoin’s promotion page with your username and the number of entries you have made. You’ll be deducted chips from your account determined by the number of teams you have entered. For example, five teams will see a 5 chip deduction from your account. So make sure you’ve funded your account. All brackets and article comments must be completed by 17 CET (10 ET).

Bitcoin Bracket Contest Prizes

The grand prize of the perfect bracket is 50 BTC straight from your Betcoin account to your Bitcoin wallet.

In the tournament pool, Betcoin matches 100% of all entries for the total prize pool, up to 500mBTC. This includes 250 mBTC guaranteed in the prize pool.

  • 1st place finish, 50% of the total entry fees and Betcoin 100% match + Betcoin hoodie
  • 2nd place gets 30% of the prize pool and Betcoin 100% match + Betcoin t-shirt
  • 3rd place wins 20% of the prize pool and Betcoin 100% match + Betcoin t-shirt

So, for example, if there are 1000 participants, the winner will receive 1000 mBTC (500 mBTC for winning and Betcoin’s 100% match of 500 mBTC).

If only 50 teams enter the contest, the payouts will be 125 mBTC for 1st prize, 75 mBTC for 2nd, and 50 for 3rd because of the 250 mBTC guarantee.

And of course, you can bet on March Madness at Betcoin throughout the tournament. You can gamble in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash. To open an account to claim your deposit bonus (100% up to 1 BTC), just click the link below.

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