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Written by Michael Stapleton - 09/08/2018

As much as you enjoy watching football, hockey, and other sports, you’ve always been one to spice up the action by betting on matches with your friends.

From the outcome of the game to over/unders on the number of points scored, you progressed from wagering quarters with high school pals to betting on complicated parlays online with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

As exciting as it is to be victorious, winning big money can be tough thanks to the tight odds offered by bookies. What if you could manipulate the odds of easier matches to make them more profitable?

Thanks to Price Boost, a new promotion on, you can do just that.

How does this promotion work?

Any time you make a wager on any match, you’ll have the option to Price Boost it (limit one game per 24 hour period). Doing this will shift the odds in your favour (e.g. from 7:1 to 9:1), which will boost the yield of your bet should you win.

Note that if you are betting a parlay, only one of the matches will qualify for the promotion, so be sure to pick the long shot – good luck!

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