How to understand bonus terms and conditions

Bonuses and promotions are offered up by crypto casinos to attract new players and keep existing ones happy. For anyone new to the world of online casinos, the range and styles of bonuses can be pretty overwhelming. On top of this, each player needs to understand the terms and conditions that are attached to each online casino bonus out there.  

Not being up to speed on the terms of any offer you claim is a sure-fire way to end up disappointed. Many players get tripped up by bonus terms but, with a little bit of help, you can avoid these issues. On this page we’ll run you through the most common types of casino bonuses you’ll encounter and the terms and conditions jargon which is attached to them. 

Different types of casino bonuses

Before we get deep into the terminology of bonus offers, it’s important to understand the differences between the bonuses that crypto casinos offer to their players. From free spins to bonus cash, casinos use everything in their arsenal to attract new players and keep existing ones coming back for more. 

Here are the main types of bonuses offered by online casinos which you’ll encounter:

Casino Deposit bonus

A casino deposit bonus is triggered once a player has verified their account and made a deposit. Using this type of casino bonus, players can claim a reward when they make a deposit which they would do anyway. 

A casino deposit bonus might come in the form of free spins or the casino matching the player’s deposit amount up to a set percentage. For example, the offer might state 100% up to 1.00 BCH, so if the player deposits the full 1.00 BCH they get an additional 1.00 BCH from the casino as bonus funds. 

No deposit bonus 

In contrast to a casino deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus does not require the player to make any form of a deposit to claim it. It can come as either bonus cash or free spins. For this reason, it’s a very popular bonus which is often used by casinos to get new players to sign up with them. 

From the players perspective, they can happily use a no deposit bonus to try out a new online casino without risking any of their own funds. However, just be aware that some wagering requirements might apply to the bonus. 

Free spins

A lot of crypto casino players love free spins because they give them an opportunity to play slots without dipping into their precious bankroll. Free spins can feature in both welcome offers and promotions to existing casino players. 

The amount and method in which they are given will vary from one casino to the next. Sometimes it’s a single dollop of free spin goodness whilst in other offers they might be dripped out to players a few at a time over several days.   


Most of the time once you’ve used up your funds at a crypto casino, that’s it. But thanks to the advent of cashback offers, players can claw back some of their gaming losses. Players will receive a set percentage of their total wagering losses back as bonus cash which they can then play with.

The exact percentage given back to players and the timescale is determined by each individual casino. However, the basic mechanics of any cashback bonus will usually work in the same way.   

Loyalty programs

For players who are looking for longer-term benefits, loyalty programs or VIP schemes are the way to go. The exact set up of each program can differ from one casino to the next but the basic idea remains the same. If you show the casino some loyalty as a player, then you’ll get rewarded with any possible combination of the above types of casino bonuses and much more.  

Some loyalty programs feature different levels or tiers for players to advance through. This gamification is designed to encourage players to stick with a specific casino brand and achieve ever bigger rewards and bonuses. High rolling players will often be allocated their own casino account manager and might even be offered exclusive rewards such as all expenses paid trips to exotic destinations worldwide.  

Bonus terms and conditions explained 

All of the casino bonuses mentioned will have at least a few terms and conditions attached to them. This is where things can get confusing as a new casino player. Thankfully you don’t need to hire a lawyer to navigate your way through all this technical jargon. We’re going to explain the most common casino bonus terms in plain English right here.  

Wagering requirements

These requirements tell players how many times they will need to wager, or play-through, their bonus money before being allowed to withdraw it. This is where a lot of casino players can get tripped up. Tempted by an initially fair looking no deposit bonus, you could get hit by the high wagering requirements later on and abandon playing it. 

Wagering requirements are usually expressed as a digit with the multiplication symbol i.e. 35x. In this case, the bonus user would need to play their bonus cash through 35 times before they can withdraw any winnings. Let’s run through it with an example to make it easier to understand: 

  • A player claims a 100% up to 1.00 BCH casino bonus.
  • They deposit the full 1.00 BCH to claim the maximum match. 
  • The wagering requirements of the bonus are 30x (thirty times).  
  • They need to play (wager) a total of 30.00 BCH before they can withdraw any winnings.  

While this might seem like a large total to have to play through, don’t forget that any winnings they accumulate as they play also count towards the total. As a general marker, anything up to 30x is considered low, 30x to 40x is fairly average and 40x or more is pretty high. The higher the wagering requirement, the tougher it will be to play it and claim your bonus winnings. 

It’s also important to know that not all casino games will contribute the same amount towards the wagering requirements. For example, live casino games might contribute a smaller percentage per wager than slot games at some online casinos. 

Max withdrawal limits 

Sometimes the total amount of winnings from a casino bonus has a maximum limit attached to it. This is designed to stop new players signing up and hitting the jackpot with a bonus offer and will be clearly stated in the bonus terms. 

Time limitations

Once a casino bonus is claimed, the clock is ticking! There’s usually a set time period in which to complete using the full bonus given. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and only claim a bonus when you know you’ll have the time to play it all. 

Game restrictions

The specific games you can play using a casino bonus will vary from one offer to the next. Some promotions are designed to highlight a specific game or area of a crypto casino like table games or slot whereas others can be used across the entire site. 

New players only  

This one is pretty obvious but it’s always a good idea to check if you can claim an offer as an existing player at an online casino. The most generous casino bonus offers are often reserved for new players unless you are part of a VIP or loyalty scheme. You can always ask the casino support team if it’s not clear. 

Restricted countries 

Not all casino bonuses will be open to players from all countries. This is something to be careful of if you are using a VPN to cover your tracks online. Any casino will usually take your IP address at face value and only show you offers for the territory which it believes you are playing from. It’s usually best to use your genuine playing location when claiming a casino offer to avoid issues later on.  

Are casino bonuses worth it?

The golden question is, despite all the restrictive terms and conditions attached to casino bonuses, are they still worth claiming? The honest answer here is… usually, yes. BUT do some research before jumping in to claim any offers!  

With a little bit of care, players can benefit from some great casino bonuses to enhance their play. Free spins and bonus cash can provide a serious boost for any casino player as long as they know exactly what they are signing up for. 

Bonus terms such as wagering requirements and withdrawal limits are in place to protect the casino from so-called ‘bonus abusers’. These are players who just sign up and grab what they can from an online casino, never to return again. However, for the majority of crypto casino players who are not out to cheat the system, welcome bonuses and casino promotions are always worth it. 
The tricky part can be seeking out all the best offers but we’ve got something that can put you one step ahead of everyone else. Our casino offer pros have collected all the best crypto casino offers and promotions into one handy place on our bonus page. Head there now to find the perfect bonus offer for you!