Best Litecoin Online Casinos in 2022

Litecoin is a a quick and easy to use cryptocurrency, which is gaining wider and wider acceptance. Part of this is of course gambling. And lucky for you, now you can play casino games in Litecoin.

We here at keep track of which coin currencies online casinos accept. The list for trustworthy Litecoin casinos isn’t too long, but the casinos are quality. And you can play slots, live dealer games, dice games, or even bet on sports if you’re a betting man. Take a look and pick your casino.

Best Litecoin Casino & Betting Sites December 2022
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Litecoin Gambling in 2022

Litecoin is the second best coin for online gambling right after BTC.

Litecoin is for all intents and purposes identical to Bitcoin. There is just one small difference, but for gambling purposes that small difference is a big deal.

The tiny-but-important difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin is that The Litecoin Network processes transactions faster (and currently cheaper) than Bitcoin. And if there’s one thing neither online gambling sites nor gamblers like, it’s waiting.

Thanks to Litecoin’s fast processing times both depositing and cashing out at casinos and gambling sites are faster than with Bitcoin. Of course, when you use BTC many good bitcoin casinos let you get gambling with single or even no blockchain confirmations. However, none will let you cash out before a certain number of confirmations is reached. All this will be faster with Litecoin.

The technical similarity to Bitcoin and shorter transaction confirmation times mean that many cryptocurrency-based online gambling sites accept Litecoin. It’s so popular that despite it is a relatively stable coin in the top 10 cryptocurrencies in market cap overall, it’s, in fact, the second most popular currency at crypto-gambling sites right after Bitcoin.

While there’s still quite a big gap in numbers between BTC and Litecoin accepting gambling sites, you can play every gambling game under the sun in LTC. The games you can gamble on include slot machines, dice games, sports betting, poker games and so on.

What’s the best Litecoin dice game?

While not the prettiest dice game in the world, Fortune Jack’s dice game is excellent.

Fortune Jack is an online casino that’s loved by the cryptocurrency community. It caters to cryptocurrency-players only, so it’s not a surprise the site has a top-of-the-line dice game – dice games being the favorite game of crypto-gamblers.

You can play Fortune Jack’s dice game in all the currencies accepted by the site, which include LTC. What makes it my choice for a top game is that it has simple options to automate your gambling.

In addition to making a pre-set rolls automatically, Fortune Jack’s game lets you set your simple strategy and execute it. You can, for example, set the game to increase/decrease your bet size after winning/losing according to your dice strategy and then set the game to play a certain number of rolls.

Can I do Sports Betting in Litecoin?

Yes you can. I recommend Betcoin for your LTC sports betting.

Betting, along with poker, is the gambling game where Litecoin-users have the least choice. Most big-time betting sites only accept Bitcoin, so altcoin-players are always a bit short on choice.

You can however bet with Litecoin at, which is my pick for the best cryptocurrency betting site. Another trustworthy casino that stepped in as Litecoin sportsbook early in 2018 was mBitcasino.

Betcoin is a Bitcoin-based gambling site, but it also accepts Litecoin and Ether. They accept these other currencies by converting them to BTC and then converting back when you cash out. You can see the conversion rate for the LTC-BTC-LTC conversions in the depositing area of the website, so you can check any time that it’s to your liking.

Another great one is mBitcasino. They’re more Litecoin-native, as you’ll be playing in your chosen currency. At mBitcasino’s sportsbook you’ll find plenty of sports to bet on. Of course you’ll get all the major US sports NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, but additionally you’ll get plenty of favorites to bet on whether you’re from Asia, Europe or America.

When it comes to Litecoin betting, Betcoin and mBitcasino are great options. The odds are competitive with traditional online sportsbooks, and you can bet both pre-match and live with both your computer and mobile device (any phone or tablet).

At mBitcasino you can bet on Super Bowl and plenty of other sports with your litecoins. The odds are fair and payouts quick – just like they should.

What are legit & good Litecoin-accepting casinos?

The best options for a legit Litecoin online casino are Fortune Jack and mBitcasino.

The clear top-two choices for a Litecoin-accepting online casino are Fortune Jack and mBitcasino. Out of the two sites, Fortune Jack is a cryptocurrency-community favorite, whereas mBitcasino offers plenty of slots action.

Quality-wise, there are small differences between the two sites. Both Fortune Jack and mBitcasino have excellent games, including a ton of slot machines and casino games (both live and simulated). The differences come between Fortune Jack offering dice games but not having a sportsbook like mBitcasino.

It’s a matter of personal preference which one you choose. I’ve lately tended to favor mBitcasino thanks to its better customer service and mobile gaming (at least it works better on my phone). It also has better and clearer terms and conditions for things like deposit bonuses, but it’s completely possible I’m the only gambler in the world who cares about that.

What’s the best game/website with a Litecoin faucet?

999 Dice’s faucet pays out LTC every 2.5 minutes.

The best dice game faucet is by far the one at Prime Dice. Unfortunately, Prime Dice doesn’t accept Litecoin (it’s strictly BTC only), so for Litecoin, we have to look for another faucet.

For Litecoin specifically, the best faucet is the one you’ll find at 999 Dice. It pays out 0.000005 LTC every couple of minutes (every 2.5 minutes to be exact). Unlike at many other dice sites, your account doesn’t have to be empty to claim the faucet.

What’s also nice about 999 Dice’s faucet is that it hands out cash in all the site’s currencies (BTC, DOGE, ETH) at the same time. Getting many currencies at once makes using the faucet practical, as while you claim and gamble in one currency, you keep racking up the other three currencies. Then when you hit bad luck and lose, you can just switch to one of the other coins and keep on gambling with more than the minimum stakes.

Can I play Texas Holdem with Litecoin?

Unfortunately not anymore.

All cryptocurrency-based poker rooms have had the same problem problem for years: they don’t have enough customers. The lack of players is not a surprise considering even fiat-based poker rooms are struggling now that the biggest online poker boom has come and gone. For us poker players this is annoying because when there are not enough players at the tables, it becomes impossible to get a decent poker cash game or a tournament going. offered cryptocurrency poker for years, but had to shut down shop in late 2017 because they didn’t have enough players. What poker players really hate is the lack of action, and Betcoin couldn’t offer enough tables anymore. Poker players didn’t like the fact that Betcoin didn’t adjust their rake to the soaring Bitcoin price. They kept the same rake in BTC despite the currency going 10x, and players didn’t like that. The players voted with their presence, and Betcoin was forced to shut their poker down.

Currently, cryptocurrency poker is trying to find a new home. The problem is the same for Litecoin and Bitcoin players alike, as there just aren’t enough tables to get the action going.

Litecoin Gambling Questions From You, The People

I heard you can also play at with Litecoin, is this true? (Rakeem S.)

Your sources aren’t far off. You can actually deposit Litecoin at teamed up with, which is a fast cryptocurrency converter. You can deposit at with all the cryptocurrencies that Shapeshift supports – Litecoin included. The process is very simple, as you’ll just click “deposit” and you’ll get the Shapeshift option as one of possible payment methods.

However, the actual gambling will be in Bitcoin. Shapeshift converts your litecoins to bitcoins (with a decent exchange rate, I may add), and after that you’re good to go. When you cash out, you can use Shapeshift once again to get your wins back in litecoins.

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