Crypto Games Casino Review
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Tusted Provably Fair Crypto Casino Summary

Crypto Games has been running since 2014. As such it’s one of the village elders of the crypto casino world. Does this mean that it’s worth visiting and taking notice of? Or should it be just left in the corner with a bottle of win? Well, the initial view of Crypto Games is a good one. It has a license from one of the more respected jurisdictions, it has provably fair games and there are no outstanding complaints in relation to it. It’s owned by Jusi B.V which is located in Curacao and it’s a master license from this company that covers the operations of Crypto Games. That’s definitely a good start, but obviously you need more than just a good start to make a high quality crypto casino. That’s why we’ve taken a much closer look into everything that Crypto Games has to offer. We’ve discovered whether it’s worth your time, or if you should keep on walking. Read on to discover if Crypto Games is the crypto casino for you.

  • All games are provably fair, meaning they offer much lower house edges than at other casinos
  • The payment methods are all cryptos which ensures a good level of speed for withdrawals
  • There are regular competitions which gives players chances for additional winnings
Accepted Currencies
Bitcoin Cash
Bonus Info
Bonus Total
No welcome bonus
1st Deposit Bonus
No 1st deposit bonus
Free Spins
Bonus Code
None - Use our link
Reload Bonuses
No reload bonus
Mobile Friendly
Altcoins Accepted
Fiat Accepted
Live Casino
Dice Games
Pros & Cons
  • It has a license with a trustworthy regulator
  • There are no outstanding complaints in regard to Crypto Games at the moment
  • The dice games have some of the lowest house edge values in the industry
  • The regular competitions add an extra edge to what’s on offer
  • There are only a small number of games available to players at Crypto Games
  • There’s no welcome bonus on offer to players
  • The support at Crypto Games is quite poor

There’s definitely a minimalist design going on with the Crypto Games website. As soon as it loads up you can see the classic casino imagery in the background combining with the really simple website design. It makes sense because Crypto Games is definitely a stripped back online casino. For starters it doesn’t make use of any major game providers for its roster of games. This means that it is completely relying on its own in house developers to create games. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that all titles are provably fair. Something that Crypto Games take very seriously. The feeling of safety and security is something that Crypto Games has worked hard to try and foster. Players are meant to feel comfortable when playing here. It might miss out on some of the glitz and glamour that other online casinos offer, but Crypto Games tries to replace this with a fairer and safer gaming environment. The big question is, has it managed to create a safe and fair environment that also has plenty of fun on offer?

Bonuses and promotions

The first big barrier that Crypto Games comes across is the lack of welcome bonus available to players. This means that players who want to add to their bankroll without putting in too much out of their own pocket, are unable to do so. While this is a little bit of a worry, it does mean that there are no wagering requirements when it comes to withdrawals at Crypto Games. 

While there is no welcome bonus or regular promotions, Crypto Games does offer a way to reward players. There are regular competitions that run at Crypto Games that allow players who are most successful in terms of winning and placing wagers get a cash prize added to their account. 

There’s also a Bitcoin Faucet available to players at Crypto Games. Here players can be awarded additional crypto to add to their account based on a number of different factors. How many coins you have wagered, your messages in the chat room, how many days you’ve been a registered player, investment levels and what you’ve earned from referrals. All of these factors go towards topping up your Bitcoin faucet. The faucet is refreshed regularly, so you can see it increase almost in real time. Every 12 hours coins can be withdrawn from the faucet and added to the player account. 

Available games

The available games at Crypto Games is where it really does fall down when compared to other online casinos. Although all of the titles available here are what’s known as provably fair, there are just 8 games in total. 

This means that the amount of choice that’s on offer here is way below what other casinos have to offer. However, for a provably fair casino this is actually quite a good selection. There are provably fair casinos out there that have less than 5 available games. Crypto Games has also increased the number of available games over the course of its lifespan, this means that there is a good chance that additional games will be added to the roster in the future. 

The games are all developed by Crypto Games, so there are no big name software developers included. The house edge of these games is much lower than on other comparable titles at other online casinos. 

Video slots

There’s a single video slot available to players at Crypto Games. It’s a five reel game with just a single payline. It’s extremely basic, but despite the lack of aesthetic appeal it does give players more of a chance of winning. When it comes down to it, you’ll have to weigh up what you want more from your games. Flashy visuals, bonus features and the potential for insane prizes. Or very run of the mill visuals, no features and the potential for a decent win. We’re not trying to be disparaging here, both types of video slot have their positives and negatives, it’s up to you to decide which you prefer. 

When compared to other provably fair online casinos, the ability to play a slot title is a definite plus. Provably fair slots are amongst the last games to get added to this kind of casino, so the fact that Crypto Games has it available right now means that you as a player will get access to a video slot if that’s your favourite type of game.

Table games

The table games are a bit more of a positive experience for players. Although there isn’t a big selection in terms of each game having a number of varieties available, the majority of the games at Crypto Games would come under the table games banner. 

The first game that’s available here is a dice game. It’s extremely simple, you just have to pick a number and then bet on if you will roll over or under that number. Extremely easy to understand and play. It’s very much a game that relies on simple gameplay over aesthetics, so you won’t get any flash animations or over the top soundtracks here. What you will get is a game that’s provably fair and tells you exactly what your chances of winning are. 

The Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker all work exactly as you’d expect them to. Very visually simple games that focus purely on the gameplay. They’re essentially just stripped down versions of the more visually appealing games you might see at other casinos. 

There is also a Lotto game, Minesweeper and Plinko available to play. This makes up the total of the 8 games at Crypto Games. Each game is very much along the same lines. Visually very simple, easy to play and completely straightforward and honest in regards to your chances of winning. It’s not a large selection of games, but it does have a few games that are a little bit different when compared to what other online casinos offer.

Bitcoin games

By definition of being a crypto casino, Crypto Games only offers Bitcoin games. This means that there isn’t a specific section where you can find specialist games. It means that crypto players have a much easier time finding games that they can enjoy, without having to worry about them not being available.

Design, experience and mobile compatibility

Crypto Games has a very good site design. Much like the games that are available, it’s nothing flashy but it gets the job done efficiently. Loading times are very low, the site is very easy to navigate around and there’s nothing confusing about any of it. If there is maybe one criticism it’s that it does look a little bit dated, but as we’ve already established, Crypto Games are not too interested in aesthetics, it focuses solely on the experience.

Although there’s no menu at the top of the screen, like with most other online casinos, this isn’t an issue because Crypto Games has everything available on the front page. All of the games there, nice and easy to find. Every crypto that can be used is right there up front too. Signing up or signing in is also very easy, just click on the play now button in the centre of the page and you’ll be going through the sign up process in no time at all. All of this gives players a very responsive playing experience. It should be noted however, that a lot of the speed of the site could be due to the low number of games as well as the limited technological requirements of the games. Other online casinos have much larger games rosters that require a lot more from your computer, so it is understandable that Crypto Games is able to offer a much faster experience due to this.

The mobile version of the site offers a very similar experience. It’s extremely fast, possibly the fastest mobile site on the market, and gives players everything that the desktop version does. There’s not a mobile app available at the moment, but realistically there’s no need for one. The mobile browser site offers everything you could need at a very fast pace, could an app really improve on that?

Customer service and support

Customer support is a big failing of Crypto Games. The only option available to customers is an email address. This is much less than other online casinos offer, with the vast majority offering a live chat feature. It does mean that any issues take longer to resolve with Crypto Games. This could be due to it being a smaller online casino and therefore doesn’t have the staff numbers to offer a live chat service. 

Deposits, withdrawals and security

Crypto Games has the industry standard of an SSL certificate in place. It’s validated by CloudFlare who are generally the most used company for this level of security. It means that all data that passes over at Crypto Games is encrypted, keeping everything you send secure and safe.

All payment methods that are available at Crypto Games are crypto based. This means that the obvious choices such as Bitcoin are available, but also some of the lesser known mainstream cryptos such as Ethereum or Dogecoin are also on offer. It gives crypto players lots of different ways to pay and ensures that deposit and withdrawal speeds are amongst the best in the industry.

There’s no information in regard to how Crypto Games stores its funds. As a smaller online casino it might not use cold storage, so it’s important that you keep yourself safe by using a cold storage wallet yourself wherever possible. 


Crypto Games is extremely close to getting a perfect rating. To users of the site a 4.5 might seem a little bit harsh for a number of reasons. It really is trying to do everything right. It treats customers fairly, more fair than pretty much any other online casino, it doesn’t have wagering requirements in the traditional sense, coins that are earned have no restrictions on them. The site is fast and sleek. It’s licensed by a trustworthy regulator. This list of positives should be making the ears of all players prick up. These are all really good points.

There are no live casino or jackpot games available to players at Crypto Games, but this is a regular occurence with provably fair casinos, so it would be unfair to penalise the site for this. Who knows, perhaps these games could be the next to be developed for the site.

The reason it doesn’t manage to get a perfect score is that the customer support just isn’t good enough. Granted, this is a very minor point in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still an aspect of the site that needs to be taken into account. With better support in place, Crypto Games would definitely be the recipient of a perfect score. Still, it’s unfair to focus on the only real negative quality when the rest of the site is so good. If you’re a fan of provably fair games then this is without a doubt one of the very best sites around. Crypto Games definitely gets our seal of approval. 


Does Crypto Games have any wagering requirements in place?

Technically no. The faucet works in an opposite way to most other online casino bonuses. It doesn’t give out rewards until you have achieved certain things at the site. This means that in effect, you’re completing your wagering requirements before you get given your bonus. So any bonus that you’re given is completely yours to do with in any way that you see fit. 

Is there a regulatory license at Crypto Games?

There is. The license is from the Government of Curacao and is operated as a master license through the parent company of Crypto Games. While Curacao isn’t the top regulator on the market, it’s certainly one of the trustworthy ones. 

Is there really no welcome bonus available?

Unfortunately, no. It might seem like a big deal to people who’re used to being eligible for one, but once you get used to the lack of wagering requirements from the faucet, you’ll see that it’s not really the end of the world. 

Can I exchange fiat currency to crypto with Crypto Games?

That’s not an option. You’ll have to make all of your deposits using crypto, so it means carrying out your exchange before you try to make a deposit. This is a small extra step in the grand scheme of things though, and for experienced crypto users it won’t be any kind of problem at all. 

Is Crypto Games a legitimate site?

It’s probably the most legitimate site there is. It offers excellent levels of safety and security. It shows the exact chances of winning all games that are available at the site. The provably fair monicker is something it is very proud of, and justifiably so. If you enjoy provably fair titles, this is one of the more trustworthy sites that’s available.