Crypto.Games Casino Review

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Tusted Provably Fair Crypto Casino
Crypto.Games Summary

Crypto.Games offers a user-friendly, simple interface with 10 in-house-made games that are all provably fair. It comes with no withdrawal limits, no wagering requirements, and although you won’t find any conventional welcome packages or promotions, Crypto.Games does offer a faucet that allows you to claim 0.00000050 BTC up to 60 times every 24 hours!

  • All games are provably fair
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals - with no limits
  • Weekly Challenges and Progressive Jackpot
Accepted Currencies
Bitcoin Cash
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Bonus Total
No welcome bonus
1st Deposit Bonus
No 1st deposit bonus
Free Spins
Bonus Code
None - Use our link
Reload Bonuses
No reload bonus
Mobile Friendly
Altcoins Accepted
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Live Casino
Dice Games
Pros & Cons
  • It has a license with a trustworthy regulator (Curacao)
  • The games have some of the lowest house edge values in the industry
  • Great VIP Program
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Crypto Faucet that allows you to claim free crypto
  • Design-wise it’s not very engaging
  • Limited selection of games
  • No bonuses

Crypto.Games is obviously designed with minimalism in mind. They offer only 10 games – Dice, Blackjack, Slot, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, Minesweeper, Keno, DiceV2, and Lottery, all of which are in-house-made games that are provably fair. 

Interestingly, they launched their first website – – with only one slot machine game, exclusively for Dogecoin but added other more popular cryptocurrencies a few months later, after which they added the additional new games. 

I suppose slow and steady wins the race but if I need to be blatantly honest, it does come across as a stripped-back version of a crypto casino, without all the exciting, and fun elements. 

The casino is licensed under the laws of Curacao, offers an incredibly low house edge for all its games, and is obviously committed to safety and security. It also has no withdrawal limits and very low deposit requirements, and although the promotions are limited, they do give you the option to claim crypto from the crypto faucet once every 3 minutes.

It’s something totally different than what we are used to, and although it lacks many engaging elements, it really does come across as a rock-solid crypto-only casino with an impressively good reputation. 

Crypto.Game’s Lobby

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are generally the first things players want to see at any casino, so it was quite interesting to see that Crypto Games don’t offer any. But, no welcome or reload bonuses also means no wagering requirements, so for me, this isn’t really such a big deal.

You will find Weekly Challenges, a Progressive Jackpot, and a VIP Program, and every now and then they’ll also throw out random rewards like KYC Verification rewards, Black Friday House Edge Halved promos, and so on.

Exclusive Bonus

I did however manage to secure a Exclusive Bonus bonus for all players who pass tier 3 KYC verification:

  • $10 voucher
  • To get the bonus code for this Exclusive Bonus, you’ll need to email or

Weekly Challenges

Every week you’ll be able to take part in a new challenge involving one of their games but I have to admit that I found the rules really difficult to understand. Maybe you’ll fare better:

Plinko Challenge

Hunt for the longest streak of consecutive wins on the 7th-best payout slots as shown in the image above with a color ball of your choice

Rules & Requirements

  • 1 Prize per player.
  • Any color ball is allowed.
  • Streaks of consecutive wins must be hit with the same color ball and the same coin.
  • Only hits on 7th best payout slots count; see image above.
  • To enter, post a streak of a minimum of 3 consecutive wins.
  • Minimum bet: 10 credits for all coins. Bets placed with Playmoney are not valid.

Top 10 rewards:

  1. 0.00200000 BTC
  2. 0.00150000 BTC
  3. 0.00125000 BTC
  4. 0.00075000 BTC
  5. 0.00050000 BTC
  6. 0.00025000 BTC
  7. 4 lotto tickets
  8. 3 lotto tickets
  9. 2 lotto tickets
  10. 1 lotto ticket

How to Enter

When you hit the required bets, post your CryptoGames Username and your BetIDs using the following format:

  • CryptoGames Username: <Username>
  • Length of Streak: <number of bets>
  • First BetID: <BetID>
  • Last BetID: <BetID>

(link to BetID is not required, but please post your first and last BetID correctly, otherwise they will not be able to check your streak)

If you get a better streak, submit it on a new post. Do not edit your previous post.

Excluded Players

And, then I spotted another interesting thing that I hadn’t seen before that stated: 

‘’CryptoGames reserves the right to exclude any Player from upcoming challenges for no stated reason. For any complaints please contact support.’’

And there was an actual list of the restricted players: 

Crypto.Game actually shows the usernames of the players who are excluded from the Weekly Challenges

The Crypto.Games Faucet

Now, this is a very cool feature! Why? Because it gives you free satoshis every 3 minutes, even when you have not wagered anything. 

The Crypto.Games Faucet

When you are on level 0, you are able to request 0.00000050 BTC 10 times in 24 hours, and the higher your level, the more you can request  – up to 0.00005000 BTC, 57 times in 24 hours when you reach level 34. 

Obviously, you’re wondering if you’re able to withdraw winnings from faucet credits, and I was too. So, I scoured through the terms of service page and came across this: 

‘’Withdrawing of earnings from faucets or chat tips is forbidden and leads to declined withdrawal, your account being blocked, confiscated funds, and/or to permanently disabled faucet.’’

So, it means that you can claim free satoshis but you can only use them for fun. has a similar feature – a Backpocket – but what I prefer about Bspin’s free satoshis is that you can do with it whatever you want. They actually also give you 5 free spins every 45 minutes that can be played on selected games but these freebies are obviously tied to wagering requirements. It’s worth checking out though!

Invite a Friend

This perk can be quite lucrative in the long run if you manage to refer friends that wager often because, for every friend you invite, Crypto.Games shares a portion of the house edge with you.

For Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, Dice, and Minesweeper you get 15.00% of house edge but if you feel that you deserve a custom rate, you can contact the marketing team to negotiate a better deal, which is pretty cool. 

Crypto Game’s Invite a Friend Rewards

VIP Membership

This VIP program is very different from the usual loyalty schemes that require you to earn points by wagering which earns you a higher status level, for more points accumulated. 

Instead, you must earn one of the top spots in the monthly wagering contests with only the top 5 players on the leaderboard being able to enjoy the exclusive benefits for one whole month. 

These top 5 players are made up of the top 3 Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin players and the top player for all other coins. 

The benefits include: 

  • Lower House Edge on Dice
  • Highest Bet Priority
  • Higher Exchange Limits
  • VIP Chat room
  • VIP Tag on Chat
  • Happy Birthday $100 worth of Bitcoin Bonus
  • Higher Bonus Faucet Level
  • Monthly Voucher Drops
A bit of color or animation on the VIP page would have been nice

Available Games

You’ll find only 10 games at Crypto.Games, which is a very limited selection but all the games are in-house-made games, they are provably fair and they also have a very low house edge, which is always a major plus.

Dice – 1% House Edge

Dice has become enormously popular in crypto gambling circles, so I’m not surprised to see this edition at Crypto Games. And, I know that it never has the most exhilarating themes or graphics but I do prefer the more innovative ones found at other crypto casinos, like Bitstarz for example. 

Crypto Game’s Dice Game

But, what I do like is that the minimum bets are super low (0.00000001 BTC), and the maximum bet is super high (30 BTC). 

How to play

  1. Enter the amount you want to wager in one bet in the ‘’Bet Size’’ field. 
  2. Next, you need to select your payout multiplier – 0.000 to 99.999.
  3. After the bet size and the multiplier is selected, it will show you your win chance %, as well as your possible win amount, and the shown number.
  4. You then need to choose whether you want to roll over or under the shown number by clicking on the relevant tab. 
  5. If the number is within the range you picked, you win the bet and receive the payout shown to you. If the number is not within your predicted range, your bet is lost and you lose the amount wagered.

The maximum win amount per bet is 3 BTC, which is pretty neat and another perk is that Dice qualifies for the Crypto Games Jackpot. 

How to win the Jackpot?

You can win the Jackpot when your dice bet meets ALL of the following criteria:

  • Your Dice roll is a winning roll of 7.777 or 77.777
  • The last two digits of Server seed + client seed combined and encrypted in SHA512 are 77 (the Jackpot number if you click on betID)
  • Your bet amount and profit have to be at least 0.00000150 BTC.
  • You will receive 100% of the Jackpot if the win amount is above 0.0040 BTC. If the win amount is lower, you will receive a proportional share of the Jackpot with the minimum set to 1%.

Good luck with that!

Roulette – 2.7% House Edge

Design-wise, the Roulette game looks a bit better than the Dice game, thanks to the touch of color. And, it pretty much works like any Roulette game but this variant is called “European Roulette”, which is being played on a 37-number wheel, with one zero only. 

The payout table is the same as in American Roulette. However, with only one zero the house edge is being cut down by half, resulting in a low 2.70%, in comparison to the 5.40% of the American variant.

How to win the Progressive Jackpot?

  • You roll 7 four times in a row with the same cryptocurrency (only 4 consecutive bets count)
  • All your bets are profitable (return to player is more than bet amount)

To receive 100% of the Jackpot, all 4 of your bets must be above 0.0040 BTC. If your bet amount was lower, you’ll receive a proportional share of the Jackpot with the minimum set to 1%. But, with this jackpot, you don’t need to report it anywhere as it will be added to your account automatically. 

And, at the time of writing, the Jackpot was a decent 3.697 BTC!

Crypto Game’s Roulette

Blackjack – 1.25% House Edge

Crypto.Game’s Blackjack is pretty straightforward. The aim of the game is to achieve a hand whose points total nearer to 21 than the hand of the banker, but without exceeding 21. 

Aces are valued at either 1 or 10. Kings, Queens, and Jacks total 10, and all other cards are given their face value. Like in most other blackjack games, you also have the option to surrender, double down, or split and because it is a provably fair game, you can check the fairness by clicking on the provably fair tab, directly above the game screen. 

Crypto.Game’s Blackjack

Lottery – 0.0% House Edge

Crypto.Game also offers Minesweeper, Keno, Video Poker, Plink, one Slot game, and DiceV2 but what I found particularly interesting was the Lottery Game.

It’s quite simple and works pretty much the same as any other lottery that allows you to buy tickets to stand a chance of winning the draw. 

Each ticket costs 0.00003 BTC (3k satoshi) and draws take place twice weekly – every Wednesday and Saturday. 

Instead of choosing numbers, however, you simply buy tickets that go into a draw. Three tickets are then randomly drawn, and prizes are then awarded as follows: 

  • 1st place: 80% of the prize pool
  • 2nd place: 15% of the prize pool
  • 3rd place: 5% of the prize pool

Each lottery round is limited to 50000 lottery tickets and each user can buy a maximum of 10000 lottery tickets per lotto round but at the time of writing, the Total Pot Value was only 0.0053 BTC, which is not exactly a life-changing amount. 

Crypto.Game’s Lottery

Design and Experience

Design-wise, I can’t really fault Crypto.Games on anything, except that it can come across as a bit boring and unengaging. 

It’s everything but flashy but it gets the job done efficiently. Loading times are fast, the site is very easy to navigate and there’s nothing confusing about any of it. 

And, although it is a bit dated, I get the feeling that Crypto.Games are not too interested in aesthetics and rather focus solely on a provably fair gaming experience.

There are two simple menus at the top of the page displaying ‘’Change Game’’, and ‘’Change Coin’’, with a help icon and your account on the far right of the screen. 

It was quite nice to see a ‘’How to Play’’ option at every game, which explains exactly how every game works and the live feed on the right of each game is also quite handy because it shows you statistics, the top players, your bets, and all bets. 

Signing up was ridiculously fast and easy with only a username required, and before you are able to make a deposit, you’ll need to secure your account by supplying an email address and password. 

Registration at Crypto.Games is super fast and easy
I made a 0.001 BTC deposit, which showed in my account within minutes

The mobile version of the site offers a very similar experience. It’s extremely fast and gives players everything that the desktop version does. There’s no mobile app available at the moment, but realistically there’s no need for one.

Customer Service and Support

The customer service options are really decent and include a FAQ, live chat option, and email option as well as various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Youtube, and Bitcoin Talk, plus it was great to see they’ve got a remarkably good rating on Trustpilot. 

There is also a forum and a blog, and after reaching out to customer support via the live chat, I can honestly say that Crypto.Games is rock solid in this category. 

The Crypto.Games Forum

Deposits, Withdrawals, and Security

The minimum deposit is 0.0001 BTC or equivalent, and there are no maximum limits although the site may take a little longer to manually verify large deposits. 

And, as for withdrawals, the minimum is 100k satoshis (or equivalent) for the first withdrawal, and 50k satoshis for all other withdrawals afterward. What I really liked to see was that they have no maximum withdrawal limits, nor any wagering requirements AND you can withdraw as many times as you want! 

Security-wise, Crypto.Games has the industry standard of an SSL certificate in place. It’s validated by Cloudflare which is an industry leader in regard to this level of security. So, it  means that all data that passes over at Crypto Games is encrypted, keeping everything you send secure and safe.


Crypto.Games might be different in many ways, and totally stripped back from what we usually find at crypto casinos but they sure do offer you a much more realistic chance of fattening up your bankroll. 

There are no conventional bonuses but this also means that you don’t have to deal with wagering requirements and all the other nitty-gritty terms and conditions that are usually tied to these freebies. 

The VIP Program is different, but again super realistic, and the house edge of the games is most probably the best you’ll find in the industry. 

Customer service is top-notch and it’s great to see that they have such a big presence on social media AND let’s not forget about the crypto faucet that gives you the opportunity to claim free satoshis every 3 minutes. 

There are no maximum deposit requirements, nor any maximum withdrawal limits, and it’s evident that Crypto.Games is very serious about the safety and security of its players. 

Navigation-wise it can be better though because I honestly didn’t find it very engaging. It was also difficult to find important elements such as the crypto faucet, and the game/contest rules are sometimes a bit confusing. 

But, to be fair, I’d much rather play at a trusted crypto casino with dull graphics that ticks all the boxes far and beyond than a spiffed-up site with no substance. 

So… if you’re into these types of games, and can appreciate all the perks that come with no conventional bonuses, Crypto.Games might just as well be one of the best casinos you’ll ever visit. 


Is Crypto.Games licensed?

Yes, Crypto.Games operates under the License No. 8048/JAZ issued to Antillephone, Authorized and Regulated by the Government of Curacao.

Is there really no welcome bonus available Crypto.Games?

Unfortunately, no, but once you get used to the lack of wagering requirements, you’ll see that it’s not really the end of the world. Plus, they do offer weekly contests, a VIP program, and a Jackpot for Dice and Roulette. 

Can I play with FIAT at Crypto.Games?

No, Crypto.Games accepts only cryptocurrencies. 

Are the games at Crypto.Games provably fair?

Yes, all the games are provably fair.