Best Dash Online Casinos in 2023

Dash is a currency almost tailor made for gambling thanks to it’s super-fast transfer times. Instead of waiting and waiting like you do with Bitcoin, with Dash you just click and start gambling!

The first casinos have already started to accept Dash, as you can see below. See the list below for the best Dash casinos available right now. We here at always keep the list up to date.

Top Dash Casinos January 2023
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  • 1,500 games including Sports Betting and Provably Fair games
  • Good Welcome Package, Cashbacks and zero deposit bonuses
  • Super-fast withdrawal times
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  • All games are provably fair, meaning they offer much lower house edges than at other casinos
  • The payment methods are all cryptos which ensures a good level of speed for withdrawals
  • There are regular competitions which gives players chances for additional winnings

Dash Gambling in 2023

Dash is a unique cryptocurrency and one of my favorites. Unfortunately, while you can definitely gamble with it, it’s not super widely accepted by gambling sites.

Dash is, as of writing this, the sixth largest cryptocurrency. Not many gambling sites accept it, which is a shame as it has a couple of interesting features that are tailor-made for online gambling.

Before taking a look at the gambling-friendly features of Dash, first a bit of history. Dash started out in 2014 as Xcoin (which, by the way, explains why today Dash’s three-letter abbreviation is still XCO). It was soon rebranded as Darkcoin, after which the coin’s developers found out something seemingly obvious: if you want your coin to be taken seriously, don’t call it something that makes it sound like it was designed for darknet transactions.

The sinister Darkcoin name was soon abandoned, and now the currency is called Dash. While the name is less sinister, it can still be a bit confusing as there’s an altcoin called Dashcoin. These two cryptocurrencies, Dash and Dashcoin, have nothing to do with each other. Luckily Dashcoin is a tiny altcoin, so the two don’t get mixed up too often.

What makes Dash so perfect for online gambling are its fast transaction times and anonymity.

One of Bitcoin’s bigger problems, as we all know, is the occasionally slow transaction times. Dash was designed from the start to process transactions fast. On Dash’s website, its developers envision it having an average transaction time of 4 seconds or less. That’s amazing compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minute block time.

Fast transaction times are handy in gambling. You might wonder why they matter because many Bitcoin-accepting casinos (like Bitcasino) let you start playing before any blockchain confirmations. Well, they matter because using Dash lets you cash out faster.

Waiting for 4-6 blockchain confirmations, which is the standard number before you can cash out at most Bitcoin gambling sites, can take more than an hour. If you just want to gamble a bit and take your money with you, then using Dash (or gambling in Litecoin, which is also faster than Bitcoin) is the right choice.

Besides fast transactions, the other big advantage of Dash over Bitcoin and some other popular cryptocurrencies is its increased anonymity. Its developers consider financial privacy a “fundamental right.” That’s why you can make Dash transactions that are processed in a manner that nobody can ever associate a certain address with an actual person.

So anonymity and fast transaction times. Add to that Dash’s low fees and the result is one of the best cryptocurrencies for online gambling! Unfortunately, Dash isn’t accepted at most Bitcoin casinos or Litecoin gambling sites, but you do still get a good selection of casinos, sports betting sites and dice games.

Dash enjoyed a huge year in 2017 and is looking to build on to that success in 2018. The adoption of Dash could still be better but by now you’ve used to seeing it in the headlines if you watch the crypto space closely.

What’s the Best Dash-Accepting Casino of 2023?

You can play in Dash at Fortune Jack, which is one of the cryptocurrency community’s favorite online casinos.

Whenever you play in currencies that are not Bitcoin or Litecoin, you have two options. You can either play at some random no-name casino or you can play at a legit casino like Fortune Jack. Fortune Jack has been around for years and has a good reputation at cryptocurrency-community sites like Bitcointalk.

Fortune Jack is a cryptocurrency-only casino which accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dash and a couple of smaller currencies. It has everything you’d expect out of a modern casino in 2023: plenty of slot machines, casino games (both live and simulated games) and a dice game. It even had poker and trading, but those are offline at least for now.

My favorite games at Fortune Jack are its altcoin slots. It has gathered a good selection of slot games from cryptocurrency-friendly slot machine manufacturers, like SoftSwiss, Playson and Microgaming. I also like the site’s live roulette and live blackjack.

Fortune Jack is known well for paying out big wins, which might come in handy thanks to a new addition to the site’s slot arsenal: Mega Moolah. Currently, this famous jackpot-paying slot machine has a jackpot of tens of thousands of DASH.

Both depositing and cashing out works well at Fortune Jack. Gambling there is anonymous, as you’d expect from a Dash-accepting casino.

What Kind of a Dash Bonus Can I Get?

You can get up to 130% deposit bonus currently.

Online casinos tend to have pretty good cryptocurrency bonuses. Unfortunately, there’s just one good Dash casino that pays out bonuses, but luckily it’s a decently sized one.

The way to get Dash bonus money is to take Fortune Jack’s deposit bonus. It pays you 130% in bonus money for your first deposit, so you get to play more than double your money. Do note though that the bonus has quite restrictive terms attached to it.

What’s the Best Dash Sports Book 2023?

Bad news! I can’t currently recommend any site for placing sports bets in Dash.

Cryptocurrency betting is a thing best done in plain old BTC. There’s very limited support for currencies besides Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum (Betcoin being an Ether-accepting site).

You can’t currently place bets in Dash at any site I’m comfortable recommending. I bet (pun intended!) that you can find some sports books that take Dash if you google long enough. Be careful though. The sites you’ll find aren’t well-known, and they haven’t been around for years. And if there is one thing I recommend against, it’s putting your coins to a site nobody has heard of!

Of course, some of the lesser-known Dash betting sites might be completely legit, but then again they might not be. So I recommend converting your Dash to something else (BTC or LTC) at a site like Changelly and then betting in that currency. Then you have access to the very best online betting thanks to CloudBet’s great odds.

What’s the Best Dice Game for Dash?

I recommend playing Fortune Jack’s dice game.

Prime Dice, my favorite dice site, doesn’t take other currencies besides Bitcoin. Because the major dice sites don’t accept Dash, your best option is to roll at Fortune Jack.

At some dice sites it’s possible to play in Dash, but what really happens is that the site automatically converts your Dash into BTC and then back to Dash when you cash out. For example Betcoin’s dice game does this. It’s not a great solution because you end up paying hidden conversion fees not once, but twice (when you deposit AND when you withdraw).

I recommend playing Fortune Jack’s dice game to avoid any extra fees. It supports playing in Dash, so no need to convert anything. Simply sign up and start rolling, that’s all there is to it!

Despite being better known for the casino section of the site, Fortune Jack’s dice game is good. It’s provably fair, as you’d expect any serious dice game in 2023 to be.

Fortune Jack’s dice game also supports simple automated strategies. You can, for example, set the game to increase or decrease your bets according to if you’re winning or losing and then set the game to autoplay a certain number of rolls. Automating the rolling part is my personal favorite way of playing online dice games, as you can just sit back (with an optional beer) and concentrate on yelling at the screen.

Play the best casino games in Dash