Video Poker - Go From Beginner to Expert

Video Poker is like a mix of video slots, five draw Poker and Yahtzee. It offers players a massive range of titles and has some of the highest Return To Player values on the market. Why does it get less coverage than other casino games then?

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There are a number of different reasons for this. One of the first is that video slots have a higher volume of games on the market. Because they dominate the landscape in terms of numbers, it’s easy for other games to fall by the wayside. While standard casino table games have a large amount of prestige about them, Video Poker doesn’t have this in its favour.

Despite this, it still has a dedicated following. We’re going to take a look at the reasons why you should think about moving over to Video Poker, as well as some tips to help you on the way to becoming an expert.

Why Play Video Poker?

The first main reason to play Video Poker is the RTP value. These games will offer players a much higher chance of return than almost all other online casino games. This is obviously a big positive as the better the RTP, the more chance the player has of getting a return on what they put in.

Another fantastic reason is that player actions have a direct impact on what happens in the game. This means that a skilled player can improve their chances of winning. It also offers the opportunity to work towards the bigger prizes that are on offer.

Finally, there are lots of different variants of the game. This allows players to find a game that matches their playing style. From there they will be able to further increase their chances of winning.

How To Play Video Poker

This could actually be one of the simplest sections you will ever read. Video Poker is actually a very easy game to play. All it takes is for you to be dealt a hand, then you have one round in which to make decisions on your cards.

The game first starts with you being dealt five cards. You then have the opportunity to keep as many as you like or get rid of as many as you like. You do this by choosing which cards you want to hold. Any cards that you have not chosen to hold will be discarded and replaced. Once the new cards have been dealt out any potential wins will be calculated.

You’re not competing against anyone when playing this game. You’re actually just competing against a paytable. Any payouts that you manage to earn will all be based on this. The paytable is worked out via standard Poker hands. In case you’re not familiar here are the hands in order from best to worst.

Poker Hands

Hand NameRequired Cards
Royal FlushAce, King, Queen, Jack, Ten. Same suit
Straight FlushAny five cards in sequence with the same suit.
Four of a KindFour cards with the same value
Full HouseThree of a kind and a pair mixed together
FlushAny five cards of the same suit not in sequence
StraightFive cards in sequence not from the same suit
Three of a KindThree cards with the same value
Two PairTwo sets of pairs
PairTwo cards of the same value
High CardThe highest value card in a hand

Each paytable in a game will offer different levels of payout for the hands, with the level of stake that you play at also having an impact on the payout.

Different Variants

What many people don’t realize is that there are a lot of different Video Poker variants on the market. Each one has a different set of game rules that helps to set it apart from others.

One example of this would be Jokers Wild. This game is a standard Video Poker title except it has Joker cards included in the deck. These Joker cards will act as wild cards, so can replace any other card in a hand. This helps to create winning hands and makes the game easier.

Another example is the Deuces Wild game. This game turns all 2 cards into wild cards. It makes it even easier than Jokers Wild to create winning hands when playing.

What’s important about these games is to use three different metrics to choose the best game for you. Firstly, the rules need to match your play style. If you like creating high scoring hands then a game with wild cards will help this.

Secondly, the RTP should be as high as possible. The higher the RTP the better your chance of coming away from the game with a profit.

Finally, the paytable. The better the payouts on offer, the easier it will be to keep playing in the long term.

By putting all of these aspects together it will make it much easier for you to play for a profit.

Video Poker Strategy

Choosing a strategy card to play with is highly important. This will help you to make the right move for every situation. There is something that you need to look into before picking a strategy card though.

The card that you use must match up to the game that you are playing. Because there are different rules and paytables in place for each game, the strategy for each game is slightly different.

By using the right strategy you will be able to make the right choices for the game that you are playing. Once you have got the right strategy card then it’s time to start playing.

The second aspect of strategy comes down to your bankroll. Because some Video Poker games will offer high payouts for the maximum number of coins being wagered, it’s important to try and bet with the highest number of coins possible.

This will give you the chance to win bigger payouts. While it does mean your bankroll will shrink faster, it also means that you will have the chance to grab bigger wins. This means it is important to manage your bankroll correctly in order to give yourself the best chance of walking away with a profit.

Playing Video Poker Using Crypto

This is obviously the most important aspect for our readers. Playing Video Poker using crypto all depends on the online casino that you have chosen to play at. There are plenty of different online casino sites out there that allow crypto players.

Using out superb collection of crypto casino reviews you will be able to find the right online casino to play Video Poker at. There are actually two separate types of Video Poker you will be able to find at online casinos. The first is the standard type that’s available at most online casinos. It uses typical payment methods and can sometimes require an exchange to be made in order for crypto players to enjoy the game.

However, there are also purely crypto casinos out there. These can sometimes, but not always, offer a selection of provably fair Video Poker titles. These will offer a pure crypto experience and have the added benefit of being provably fair.

While there are other online casino games that offer a good range of crypto choices, Video Poker is certainly one of the better represented titles on the market.

Who Should Play Video Poker?

Put simply, players who want to be in control. It allows you to have an impact on how the game plays out. This means that while it is still essentially a game of chance, a skilled player is still more likely to win than an unskilled player.

If you enjoy having a hand in your outcome, then this is the game for you. The ability to use strategies as well as a number of different rule varieties makes it one of the most interesting titles on the market.

As already mentioned, it’s just important to pick the correct game for your needs. Look over the the RTP, paytable and rules and you will be ready to go. This is what makes Video Poker so interesting, the sheer range of choice that it offers.


On the whole Video Poker offers a lot to crypto players. We keep going back to this point, but the amount of control it offers is more than pretty much any other game. Only Blackjack comes close to this amount of control and strategy.

What Video Poker has over Blackjack is that there are more ways to win. In Blackjack you either win or lose. If you’re playing a Poker title then you have the opportunity to win in a number of different ways. This makes it easier in two main ways. First off, you have more ways to grab regular wins. Secondly, there are much bigger wins on offer with Video Poker.

While it does take a bit of time to get used to, this is one of the best online casino games around. You can use your skills and develop a strategy more so than many other titles, this makes it a highly appealing game that you should definitely think about trying out.

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