Bc.Game Casino Review

September 2023 bonus
Up to 1260% on the first four deposits
Bc.Game Summary

BC.GAME is a community-based crypto casino that offers its players a casino, live casino, and sportsbook. It accepts over 80 cryptocurrencies and FIAT, develops in-house games, and has won multiple awards, proving its mastery!

  • Own cryptocurrency - BCD
  • Free daily spin to win up to 5BTC
  • Unique Promotions
Accepted Currencies
Bitcoin Cash
Bonus Info
Bonus Total
1260% on the first four deposits
1st Deposit Bonus
Up to 270%
Free Spins
Bonus Code
None - Use our link
x 1% x 25% = unlock
Reload Bonuses
Up to 300%
Mobile Friendly
Altcoins Accepted
Fiat Accepted
Live Casino
Dice Games
Pros & Cons
  • Own Coin
  • 25 In-house games
  • Excellent game selection
  • Accepts 80+ cryptocurrencies
  • Some promotions can only be unlocked on level 14 VIP status and higher

When BC.GAME opened its virtual doors back in 2017, it had two primary goals – to offer players the best online crypto casino experience possible and to help revolutionize the crypto gambling industry through blockchain. 

Well, fast-forward 5 years and they have managed to accomplish both. Not only did they win the Blockchain Gaming Platform of the Year Award at AIBC 2022, but they also won the most coveted Crypto Casino of the Year at Sigma 2022, which, is basically the same as winning an oscar. 

And, I’m really not surprised. 

BC.GAME has managed to put itself in a league of its own for various reasons. It accepts almost any cryptocurrency imaginable, develops its own games, has its very own token, and insanely creative and lucrative promotions. 

Maybe it’s because BC.GAME is a community-based casino that is clearly player-focused and values player feedback or maybe it’s because (according to the COO) the team is made up of a bunch of crazy and fun people that are equally professional and motivated. 

Whatever the reason, they’ve clearly got a winning strategy that keeps you on your toes and makes you want to explore more and more. 

Let me show you around. 

BC.Game’s Lobby

Bonuses and Promotions

Where to start?! There are endless promotions and rewards and all of them are genuinely uncommon and exceptional. 

99999.0000 Free JB Tokens

You’ll be off to a good start at BC.GAME because when you register, your JB wallet will be credited with 99999.0000 JB Tokens. This is an in-house token and although it can’t be withdrawn or deposited, you can use it to test games and strategies, which is great to get an overall feel of the casino, for free. 

You can only play in-house games with these tokens but there are 25 of them and they really are uber cool. And, as you climb the VIP levels, you’ll be able to use the tokens to boost your daily Rakeback percentage or for your withdrawal network fees.  

The Daily Lucky Spin

Every day you’ll get 1 Free Spin on one of three Lucky Wheels:

Wheel VIP LevelPrizepool
Lucky Spin Wheel1 – 211 BTC
Super Spin Wheel22 – 693 BTC
Mega Spin Wheel70 +5 BTC

There are also other smaller prizes in various cryptocurrencies. I personally love this feature! I know it’s a typical old-school casino feature but you do look forward to it every time you log in. Plus, it’s free! 

Stand a chance to win up to 5 BTC with the daily lucky spin

I need to mention that there is no way to check the fairness of the spin and that I’ve won BCD every time I’ve spun it. Let’s see what today’s spin has in store…..

And….. I won BCD again

What is BCD? 

It’s a currency launched by BC.Game and is equivalent to 1 USD. It’s also the currency you’ll receive through bonuses such as the lucky spin or the deposit bonus. Like any other bonus, you’ll need to unlock the BCD but it’s quite straightforward and unlocks proportionally through wager: 

Unlock amount = wager amount * 1% * (20+5)%

In order to claim your BCD, you’ll need to fill up your BCD treasure box as you wager. Once you have a minimum of 10 BTC, simply click claim and the unlocked BCD will then be transferred to your BCD balance. That’s it!

As soon as you’ve unlocked 10 BTC, you can claim the locked bonus funds

At this point, I was wondering if BCD could be exchanged for other currencies or if it worked the same as the JB token that was only for in-house use. And, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can BCSwap into other currencies at any time. Another fantastic perk is that you get up to a 10% annualized rate of return when you store your BCD in Vault Pro. Nice!

The 1260% Welcome Package

The Welcome Package is split over your first four deposits and the more you deposit, the bigger your bonus. 

First Deposit: 

  • Deposit a minimum of $30 – $79 for a 120% Bonus
  • Deposit a minimum of $80  – $399 for a 150% Bonus
  • Deposit a minimum of $40  – 1 BTC for a 270% Bonus

Second Deposit:

  • Deposit a minimum of $60 for a 300% Bonus

Third Deposit:

  • Deposit a minimum of $120 for a 330% Bonus

Fourth Deposit:

  • Deposit a minimum of $150 for a 360% Bonus
BC.GAME has a massive Welcome Package

More Bonuses

Bonus Codes: In the past BC.GAME referred to Promo Codes as SHITCODES, but they have changed this and now names it the usual Bonus Codes! And, there are many places to get your hands on them like special announcements, the BC.GAME forum, the onsite player chat room, during campaigns, and on social media. 

MASTER MEDALS: Players can earn more BCD by achieving medals for random stuff like ‘’Call Me Richman’’, ‘’The Rain Stormer’’, ‘’Chicken Dinner’’, ‘’The Top Gun’’, and ‘’Fearless One’’. The more medals you earn, the more BCD you get:

  • Achieve 5 medals: Get 20 BCD
  • Achieve 10 medals: Get 800 BCD
  • Achieve 15 medals: Get 2400 BCD
  • Achieve 20 medals: Get 10000 BCD

TASK HUB: Load your wallet with JB Tokens for doing really simple tasks such as verifying your email address, uploading your photo, enabling 2FA, or placing bets of more than $1. 

RAIN: Every 6 hours, 6 lucky players (that are randomly selected) will be showered with different currencies and amounts daily. 

WHERE IS COCO? Spot COCO – the BC.GAME mascot that appears randomly every 6 hours – click on him and win a prize of at least 0.005 BCD. This challenge is only for VIP Level 14+ players and the higher your status, the better your rewards. 

ROLL POINT GAME: If you are VIP level 3 and up, and a bet player, you have one chance per day to roll in this game to win some crypto. 

VIP CLUB: There are only 5 card levels – bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond and the real rewards start at level 14 (silver card) but you’ll have more than enough ways to earn crypto with the other challenges so I can’t really see that this is an issue. It is however worth a mention that you’ll need 17000 points to reach level 14 and 1 point = 1 USD

Challenges, competitions, task hubs, and lucky spins – you’ll find them all at BC.GAME

$100,000 Daily Lottery Jackpot

An old-school lottery is also part of the BC.GAME portfolio and the prize pool is quite impressive at $100k. The best part is that it’s daily AND that 1 ticket only cost $0.10. Plus if you don’t win anything, your lottery ticket will be reserved for free, to continue participating in the next day’s draw.

Joining Bc.Game

These days it’s super simple to join a crypto casino. Supply an email address, a nickname, maybe your date of birth, and a password and you’re good to go. 

It’s the same at BC.GAME but again they have gone the extra mile to make your experience a little more personalized. You have the option to upload a profile photo, that’ll earn you extra JB Points or you can choose an avatar and modify it to your liking. 

And, you can modify your avatar whenever you want

Next, I made a BTC deposit. The minimum amount to qualify for the first deposit bonus is $30 (0,0014 BTC) but I made a 0.008 BTC deposit because I had the feeling that I was going to want to spend quite a bit of time at this community crypto casino today and also in the future. 

After two network confirmations, my BCD Bonus was credited to my wallet and because I also won BCD with my daily spin, I now had 34.85 BCD that I could unlock. 

BC.GAME’s wallet is simple and it’s easy to make a deposit

Game Selection

When it comes to games, BC.Game has it all and I know that it’s beginning to sound like I’m buttering them up but I can’t help to be seriously impressed. You’ll find no less than 6000+ slots, 500+ Live Games, and 25 BC.GAME Originals PLUS they’ve got an equally spectacular Sportsbook. 

In-House Games

In-house games is a new trend that is taking the crypto casino scene by storm and I’m quite delighted to see more and more casinos jumping on the bandwagon. Quite recently, BitStarz added Crash to their in-house portfolio and I must admit, it’s by far the best Crash game I’ve seen so far. 

And, Stake.com and Crypto.Games also have some pretty nifty games of their own that I highly recommend but let’s get back on track. 

I’m quite impressed by the vast amount of games they have in this section – no less than 25 – and every time I visit them, there seems to be a new one. This time I decided to try out Hash Dice. 

How to play Hash Dice?

  • Set a predicted interval first, such as 49999 < random number
  • Then set the amount of this round, and click ROLL
  • The result will be a random number between 0 and 99999
  • If 49999 < random number, then you win; or you lose.
  • Tip: Players may set high and low interval
  • High: 1999-99998 < random number
  • Low: random number < 1 – 98000
  • Winning profit is at least 1.0102x and the maximum could go up to 99,000 x

What I really like about these games is that they have a really low house edge. Blackjack has a house edge of 0.48% and the highest you’ll find is 2.7% (Roulette) but it’s mostly only 1% which means that it provides a 99% return rate.

You have a 50% chance of winning which makes it quite difficult to decide whether you want to place small or large bets
And, if you click on the right top icons, it opens your bet slip and while you’re there, you can verify the fairness of the game

I have mentioned that they’ve got an enormous portfolio from 60+ software providers but I kind of feel like sticking around at the originals, because it’s something you most definitely won’t find anywhere else. 

Limbo was my next choice and it’s almost like Crash. You need to choose a multiplier and bet. If the rocket explodes when it is over the multiplier amount, you win and when it’s under, you lose. 

Limbo is a cool concept but I still prefer Crash

And then I saw Coin Flip. And, it’s the good old game we use to play with our siblings to discard any possible chance of unfairness when there was only one ice cream left, or if only one of the two could sit in the front seat while mom was driving. 

But, this game allows you to flip again when you win while the multiplier keeps on increasing and the rounds will go on and on until you lose or when you decide to cash out, at any time. If you don’t cash out in time, you’ll lose all your winnings if the coin doesn’t land in your favor, so try not to be greedy!

I highly recommend this game!

BC.GAME Sportsbook

Yes, there is a sportsbook too, and it’s as extensive as impressive. It’s home to almost 40 sports, has an extensive betting list, and is incredibly user-friendly. 

You’ll find all the usuals but I also liked to see some exciting additions such as Stock Car Racing, Alpine Skiing, and Pesapallo as well as an impressive number of e-sports that include FIFA, eFighting, and eCricket among others. 

But, there is only one way to find out how decent a sportsbook really is, and that is to compare it to another. This time it’s a show-down between BC.GAME and FortuneJack Casino….

I decided to check the odds of the International / U20 World Championship (Ice Hockey). Czech Republic (1), Slovakia (2). Let go…

At BC.GAME the odds for (1) is 1.65, for (2) its 3,6 and for a draw it is 4.5
And at FortuneJack the odds are 1.70 (1), 3.86 (2), and 4.91 for a draw

Although BC.GAME is not far behind in terms of odds, FortuneJack is slightly better. But, to be honest, they’re always better in terms of odds. 


The sky is the limit in terms of banking options at BC.GAME. You can withdraw and deposit in more than 80 currencies, all of which are instant and there are no withdrawal restrictions whatsoever, which I’ve only seen at Stake.com

If you don’t have crypto, you can buy some directly on their site and as I’ve mentioned, you can also BCSwap your bonus credits (BCD) to other cryptocurrencies or you can earn an annual return rate of 10% if you decide to hold on to them. 

And, to make it even more accessible, BC.GAME also accepts no less than 12 FIAT currencies!

BCSwap your BCD to any other currency!

Customer Support

There is a live chat option (on the left and not the right of the screen) and an email address but I’m pretty sure you won’t really need this because they have a community chat with over 13 languages as well as a global and sports chat. 

They are active on social media and there is also a forum with a fantastic helpdesk and blog with search options that allows you to choose from extensive lists of FAQ’s. 

I did make contact with customer support, simply because I was curious and I must say, as I thought, the agent was fast, friendly, and helpful. 


Do I recommend BC.GAME? Well, I think I’ve made it very clear that this community-based casino is one of my ultimate favorites. And, I’m not disillusioned because they are The Crypto Casino of the Year!

They had a vision when they launched and they have accomplished this and more. I do believe it’s true that the team is made up of a bunch of crazy and fun people that are equally professional and motivated. 

But, I can’t help to wonder if they ever sleep because they constantly come up with new ideas and angles that blow my mind. 

They have a massive gaming library, a sportsbook, in-house-made games and they accept over 80 cryptocurrencies + FIAT, which is something I’ve never seen before. 

I also like that there are no deposit or withdrawal restrictions (maximum or minimum) and that they have their very own token and coin

And, the promotions, rewards, and challenges…… it’s mind-blowing! 

Everywhere you land, you’ll find something that you haven’t seen before, and thanks to its fantastic VIP program, BC.GAME will entertain you for eons! 

I’m hoping that other crypto casinos will catch on to BC.GAME’s way of thinking and way of doing but I get the feeling that when they eventually do, BC.GAME’s ingenuity will (again) be lightyears ahead.   


Is BC.GAME legit?

BC.GAME is licensed, a player favorite and they’ve won multiple awards. I think it’s safe to say that BC.GAME is as legit as can be. 

Can I make a FIAT deposit at BC.GAME?

Yes, BC.GAME accepts 12 FIAT currencies.

Does BC.GAME have a sportsbook?

Yes, BC.GAME has an excellent and extensive sportsbook.

What is the JB Token?

The JB Token is an in-house token that can be used to play all the BC.GAME Originals. It can’t be deposited or withdrawn but it’s a brilliant way to test the casino for free.