Best Bitcoin Roulette Casino in 2022

No matter where you are in the world, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. Don’t believe me? Go to a local casino and I guarantee people will elbow you in the ribs during the rush to place your bets. No such problem online.

With cryptocurrencies you’ll be able to play in complete privacy. Take a look below and have at it.

Best BTC Roulette Sites September 2022
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Can I play anonymous roulette for real money?

Yes. With bitcoins you can play real-money roulette completely anonymously.

When you deposit at a Bitcoin casino, you need to provide two things: an email address and your birthday. You don’t need to hand out any other personal information.

You need to provide the email address so that there’s some form of knowing which account belongs to whom. So, for example, you can ask for a new password if you forget the old one. You can create a separate email address just for gambling to avoid using your “real” one.

The birthday question is there to verify your age, basically to show that you’re over 18. In reality, you can of course put in whatever birthday you want.

After providing a birthday and an email address, you’re ready to play. Roulette gambling doesn’t get any more anonymous than this!

Note: At certain casinos you can also buy bitcoins with credit card or a debit card. Using a card is of course not anonymous in the same sense, although a third party (like Cubits) usually handles buying the bitcoins and so the casino doesn’t get your personal information.

Are Roulette Bets and Payouts Transactions Visible on the Blockchain?

No. Your deposits and cashouts are, but the individual roulette bets are not.

When you deposit at a Bitcoin casino, it’s recorded on the blockchain. Later, when you cash out, that again is recorded on the blockchain. The gambling between depositing and cashing out is not recorded on the blockchain.

This is the same thing as what happens when you play at a real-life casino: You go to the casino and deposit money (buy chips). Then when you play roulette, the wins and losses are kept track with the chips instead of money. When you cash out, you again have money (you’re “back on the blockchain”).

How much can I bet?

You can bet anything from a satoshi up to mBTC and bitcoins.

Online casinos cater to players with all kinds of budgets.

Typically the smallest bet you can make is a single satoshi. This bet size is so ridiculously small, that it’s mostly used by players to test out new games.

The maximum bet you can make in online roulette varies a lot from casino to casino, but most roulette games take at least 1 BTC bets. Biggest casinos, like Bitcasino take even bigger bets.

You can play loads of roulette variations at Here’s Live Speed Roulette, where bets go in fast and furious. There’s practically no waiting around.

On average, players bet mBTC in online roulette. This is also the minimum bet size for live roulette games.

Can I Play for Free?

Yes, all online casinos allow you to sample the games before putting your bitcoins on the line.

There is no Bitcoin casino, or any other online casino, on that doesn’t let you try its games for free.

Roulette being the most popular classic table game at online casinos you’re guaranteed a free chance to give the games (most casinos have many roulette games) a free spin before playing for real money.

There’s just one exception to the play-for-free rule: Live games are limited to real-money players only.

The reason for the live-game exception is easy to understand: All those roulette croupiers are real, live people who need salaries to live, so keeping the games going just for fun-money players’ sake would be too costly.

Can I play live-roulette with Bitcoins

Yes! Live games are a new addition to BTC-accepting casinos.

For the longest time, live games were only available at fiat-currencies-only online casinos. Now the biggest Bitcoin-accepting casinos have added them to their offering.

When you play at one of our recommended casinos, you’re going to find live roulette, live blackjack and maybe a few live dice games. Sometimes baccarat is also available, but this is quite rare.

If you’re new to live online gaming, a quick explanation: Live casino games work as close as possible like you were playing at a real-life casino. You see a live video from a casino on your computer (or phone or tablet). You choose how to bet your bitcoins by placing your wagers on the roulette table. Then you see how the croupier sends the ball into the wheel and you find out if you won or lost.

There’s a reason why we love live table games. You’re looking at it.

There is one thing to note, though: If you’re trying to play live-roulette in games provided by Evolution Gaming (lots of Bitcoin live-roulette casinos have got EG as one of their software providers), you’ll have to fill in a form with your personal details. If you’re worried about your privacy, then you might want to steer clear of Evolution Gaming live games.

Why is roulette such a popular game for doubling your bitcoins?

Roulette gives you great odds and the right wagering options for trying to double your bitcoins.

There are many occasions where gamblers are looking to double their money. Wanting to double up is especially common with players who play with bitcoins, as there often are “left over” bitcoins that are not worth much, but which would be a decent amount of money after doubling them a few times.

Roulette is the game of choice for doubling up. The reason is simple: it allows you to make doubling up bets with good odds. Classic wagers like Red/Black have a house edge of only 2.7% in a game with a single-zero roulette wheel.

It’s true that some casino games like poker (video poker and table pokers) and Blackjack have even lower house edges. However, they lack the straightforward simplicity of roulette: you can’t make a single “double or nothing” bet on poker or blackjack.

What is the Best Strategy for Doubling Up on Roulette?

The best strategy is simple: Bet all on a single spin!

If you are a smart gambler (and have the guts to pull this off), the mathematically optimum strategy for doubling up is to bet it all on one spin!

Wagering everything on one spin of the roulette wheel gives you a 48.6% chance of success. For example, if you bet on Red, there are 18 Red numbers on a wheel of 37 numbers, so the odds of you hitting a Red are 18/37 = 48.6%.

Many players make the mistake of betting less than everything, but in any game with negative odds betting anything less than everything is a mistake. Why this is a losing strategy might be a difficult concept to grasp at first. One easy way to think about it is that if you split your funds in two, then to double you’d need to hit a 48.6% chance twice in a row. And the odds of that happening are only 23.6%.

Bitcoin Roulette Bonus

You can get some extra free money to play with, but usually only if you deposit.

When you deposit at an online casino, you’re going to receive a btc welcome bonus. The deposit bonuses casinos hand out match your first deposit (or several, depending on the casino) and can give you anything from a few mBTC to half a dozen bitcoins.

These bonuses are extra free money to play with. If you are a casual player, you don’t need to know more – go play your extra money!

If you take your gambling a bit more seriously, the bonuses do come with terms and conditions that have consequences. You might want to take a look at these terms and conditions especially if you’re planning to play only online roulette at the casino.

When you receive a bonus, it most likely states that you need to wager the bonus funds plus your deposit amount a number of times before you can withdraw funds from your account. Typically you have to wager (or “play through”) your bonus at least 30 times before withdrawing.

These terms and conditions are important for roulette players because casinos treat roulette differently than games with a higher house edge (games like slots, scratch cards, and others).

The thing you should keep in mind is that typically only 10% of roulette bets are counted towards clearing a bonus. So if you only play roulette, you might need to wager your bonus amount 300 times before you can withdraw! Sometimes things are even worse, and roulette bets don’t count at all. In this case, you shouldn’t take a bonus at that casino if you’re aiming to play roulette.

mBitcasino’s got a great bonus with very low wagering requirements (just 35x), but roulette players must take note that it’s a bonus for only slots. These are the little things that we’re here for, so that you’ll don’t have to read all the fine print. So yes, mBitcasino players should either decline the bonus or head towards Bitcoin slots to fill their rollover requirements.

Should I Take the Bonus?

You can refuse to take a bonus at most online casinos. Sometimes that’s the smart thing to do.

When you accept a bonus at an online casino, it’s usually not a big deal. You’re going to hit to slots so the more money the better!

However, if you’re playing with a particular goal in mind, you need to be smart.

The most common reason for refusing a bonus is if you’re at the casino to try to double your bitcoins with a spin of roulette. In this case taking a bonus makes no sense, as it would tie your funds to the casino until you’ve cleared the wagering requirements.

So, if you’re looking to try a simple roulette strategy for a spin or two, not taking a bonus might be the way to go.

Can USA-based players play online roulette with bitcoins?

While many casinos shy away from serving USA-based players, there are still good choices for playing real-money online roulette.

The USA is one of the few countries that makes cryptocurrency casinos nervous. You sometimes see amusing lists at online casinos of the countries they don’t accept players from: Iran, North Korea, USA. Land of the free, eh?

There is nothing illegal about accepting US players. However the USA being a powerful country with a long reach and a history of odd legal precedents when it comes to online gambling, many companies steer away from any potential problems, no matter however distant they are. The result is that they block US-based players from playing.

That all being said, yes, there are bitcoin operators who offer real-money gambling to US-based gamblers. These casinos have roulette and all other casino games you’d except to enjoy.

Where can I play Roulette in Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash or Ethereum?

You can play Roulette in all the biggest altcoins. See below for my recommendation for each coin.

For Ethereum and Litecoin your best destination is Betcoin casino. Betcoin is a superb gambling site that has every gambling game you can think of available in ETH and LTC. You can play both simulated and live roulette at Betcoin.

For playing with the smaller altcoins Dogecoin and Dash I recommend Fortune Jack casino. Fortune Jack also supports privacy-driven altcoins Monero and Zcash. Fortune Jack is a long-running cryptocurrency casino with plenty of great games, and is highly advanced in adopting new cryptocurrencies.

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